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Mamba Motorsport Factory

The Mamba Motorsport factory has been purpose-built to provide an environment where racing cars can be hand-built to the high standards seen in the C23R and C23T cars. As each car is made parts are machined from aluminium in the machine shop, chassis are constructed in the welding area, the DURATEC engines are built and mated to the AUDI Transaxles in the Engine build area. Finally the car comes to life in the build-up area which is equipped with computerised 4-wheel alignment and engine analysis so that the cars are ready as soon as they leave the forecourt.

The factory is located in the beautiful countryside of South Oxfordshire in the 'Formula 1 Belt' just a few miles from WilliamsF1 but with a better view...

Uffington Whitehorse from Mamba Factory
Machine Shop

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