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1st half 2007 reports - Snetterton, Brands, Castle Combe

- The Mamba C23R now established near front of Class 'B'

Author: Dave
Editor: Dave
Date: 9 July 2007

This is just a brief update on the status of the Mamba C23R season for 2007.

Results this year have been 7 outings - five 3rd places but not a boring race in sight. Class 'B' of the Sports Racing and GT Challenge is now the largest class on the grid and very competitive.

The season got off to a delayed start with our driver, Ken, recovering from an out-of-season operation and missing the 1st race, but since then it has been hectic.

The first weekend resulted in two 3rd in Class and a very unusual (in fact the first ever) dnf due to a fuel-pump fuse blowing!

The second weekend was a double header with another pair of 3rd in Class results and with the Class 'B' winner beating all the class 'A' cars as well, this was at Brands Hatch which favours the well behaved and superb handling mid-engined cars which dominate Class 'B'.

The third outing was at Castle Combe and the Mamba got 3rd in Class again and the Class 'B' winner again finished 1st overall.
The racing in Class 'B' is more competitive than last year and to achieve this excellent result required a lap time a full 2 seconds faster than last years.

The last outing was at Cadwell Park, Ken's favourite circuit, unfortunately due to a racing incident the C23R did not get a finish here as it was unceremoniusly hampered by another car during the start, in fact it lost the offside rear wheel!
The good news is that Ken was fine and just the one corner got damaged as the rest of the grid managed to avoid Ken and the other car.

The 2 second improvement at Castle Combe is the result of further development in the closed season with more news on that to come in the next web-site update.

Spot the Valve

Picture Copyright Mamba Motorsport 2007

Starting can be such sweet sorrow

This is clearly a low point of the season , but with the gearbox having to come out we may be able to make some improvements during the repair.

Keep watching for more news and updates.

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