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Mamba Motorsport - Company Status

updated Dec 2013

This is a brief update on the status of the Mamba Motorsport Ltd.

The current status of the financial markets and in particular, exchange rates, has led the directors of Mamba Motorsport Ltd to conclude that the company can no longer produce a highly labour intensive standalone car - the C23.

It is with great reluctance therefore that the limited company has ceased trading.

The Mamba Motorsport name will however continue as a brand for the specialist components supplied by Bridge Engineering. The C23 replica will now be supported by RNR Performance Cars, see link on front page.
Bridge Engineering (aka Mamba Motorsport) will now concentrate on support for racing Midgets and Healeys.
All inquiries should continue to be placed via info@mambamotorsport.co.uk or info@bridge-eng.co.uk

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