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Latest News

Customer Season Report added
23 February 2016
'Bjorn' season 2.

Customer Season Report added
8 February 2016
'Gertie' reinvigerated.

Race Components updated
18 Novemnber 2015
Duratec VW Adpapter Kit added.

Race Components updated
29 October 2015
Midget Front Suspension Upgrade added.

MGCC 2015 Season Summary
15 October 2015
Bennie on top of the world.

MGCC 2015 Season Preview
7 March 2015
Bennie ready for the challenge.

MGCC 2014 Season Participation
15 October 2014
Mambmotorsport cars in the MGCC series in 2014.

C23 Continued Support
16 November 2013
Manufacture and Support for C23 taken over by RNR Performance Cars.

MGCC 2013 Season Report
06 October 2011
Mamba campaign 2 successful cars in 2013.

A-Series JWIS chains
06 October 2011
We can now supply the top quality JWIS timing chains for Midgets...

2011 Race Roundup
4 October 2011
A difficult season with some trophies...

Spridget Big Brake Kit
01 January 2010
Following the success of our prototypes we now offer a ...

A Series Race Clutches
01 January 2010
We can now supply a range of sprung centre race clutches ...

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Older News

2008 Company Status
23 May 2008
Due to adverse market conditions the company has ceased production ...

2007 Season Update
9 July 2007
C23R 2007 race status so far - 5 3rd in Classes but not boring ...

New Website Launched
9th June 2006

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