MG Midget Racing

Update: Races 6&7 at Pembrey, 31st July 2010 by Rich

With all the bodywork damage from Castle Combe, not to mention the rack and H-Frame, I missed Silverstone completely while we fixed the car. Real shame as it may well be the last time the historic GP circuit will be available for use. Before Pembrey we re-tracked the car and the front geometry was all over the place but without having adjustable front suspension all we could do was get it pointing forward and see how it went.

Pembrey's a long way to drive and it was pretty cool and very damp when we arrived friday night but it perked up a bit for the saturday qualifying. As usual with learning a new track I took it pretty easy in qualifying but was suffering a lot of understeer and was well off the pace. Qualified 6/8 in class for both races.

Race 1 went quite well - decent start and slowly managed to find more grip on the track but I was a bit lonely in 5th having lost too much time on the opening few laps to catch the gaggle of Nigel, Dean and Tom ahead even though the back of Dean's car was coming off and Tom had his door open! Then Nigel had a little spin and I nipped past to finish in 4th. Not a super exciting race and not a good handling car but some decent laptimes in the closing stages gave me hope for Sunday.

Race 2 ended up a carbon copy of the day before for me. My laptimes would have had me fighting for 2nd on Saturday but the game had moved on and I got stuck in 5th place again. On the penultimate lap though Dean had a half spin allowing me to just get in front for 4th but in letting the hard charging lead class As through I couldn't close the door fast enough and Dean got alongside down the main straight and round the hairpin before I ran out road and he stole a car length or so... then Dean put a wheel on the grass and had a terrifying roll that destroyed his car. The video below shows that last lap and the bginning of his crash though as I went past the car was actually vertical and about 3 feet off the ground. Although Dean got out of the car and had no broken bones, he was kept in hospital overnight and was pretty battered.

So an eventful weekend especially for Dean. two more 4th places for me but the front of the car needs some work if I'm going to be able to compete the rest of the season.

R1: 4/8 (8/18) F/L 1:12.09
R2: 4/8 (7/18) F/L 1:11.17

Update: Round 8&9 at Cadwell, 4th September 2010 by Rich

Cadwell is easily the best track I've driven so far but definately the hardest to learn. Qualified 5/7(10/16) for race 1 and 7/7(12/16) for race 2 which wasn't very impressive but I was the only one who hadn't driven there before, at least that's my excuse!

I really enjoyed race 1, after a good start I started getting faster and was tucked up tight behind John Collinson for several laps but just couldn't squeeze past - he's a canny driver always keeping me on the outside and making sure I couldn't get the run through the apexes. The races here were 25mins and I got a bit tired after 20 and switched off slightly, letting Tom Neat through on the fast section after the main straight (where I was struggling with understeer and confidence). Realising my error I set off in pursuit and coming into the final lap, John Tom and I were seperated by almost nothing. Throught he trees, John was slow and Tom thought he saw a gap up the inside for the hairpin but it all went wrong and thye both ended up off the track. I squirted up the hole and took my 5th fourth place of the season :)

Race 2 I had a flyer of a start and was up in nodebleed territory. Unfortunately Dom didn't move off the line and Dave Jenkins collected him leading to a read flag and us reforming back in our original positions. Thankfully Dom and Dave were both OK and after a rather hot 10mins sat on the grid we did another green flag lap and reformed for another start. I got away well again but John C stormed past. As I reached the mountain for the first time I chucked it in far too quickly on tyres not yet up to temperature and slid sideways up the hill, collecting it all but losing a fair bit of time. It wasn't till lap 3 that I saw the back of JC again. With Tom Neat close behind, I got my head down and got back to within half a second of JC but then coming into the hairpin there was oil all over the track. My tired tyres were very unhappy on the oil and I had to back off, JC pressed on to a well deserved 3rd. Tom was suffering on the oil too and we had a great battle, me leading for a few laps and then Tom for a few. My tyres waxed and waned and Tom had wheels off onto the grass more than once but I couldn't get past. Saving it all till the last lap I took a storming run through the apex of the last corner and despite a very wide green midget in front I got up alongside at the line... Tom beat me by just 0.003 of a second - I suspect he'll be moving his transponder further forward before next race!

R1: 4/6 (8/15) F/L 1:49.706
R2: 5/6 (6/15) F/L 1:49.646

Update: Round 11 at Mallory, 17th October 2010 by Rich

Not a good weekend for me. Too tight to buy new tyres for the last race of the season I stacked it coming into devil's elbow on the wrong line on the last lap of qualifying. Went home on a trailer before the start of the race. Lesson learned.