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2014 Season Summary

Car: Midget 1330cc

Series: MG Midget Challenge

Update: One car only, Bennie racing and Gertie for sale

Car Decisions:

Unfortunately, Richard decided not to race this year and currently has his beloved Gertie for sale. He did however borrow John's car, after the rear suspension issues were sorted out (see below) to have a bash at Donington where he had a terrific race with Neil Cameron, both breaking the Class D lap record, Neil just pipping it, but Richard took the Class honours with a convincing win.

Closed Season: Inaugural season findings addressed

John decided to only do a few races this year due to pressure of work � just very busy. Although Bennie the pretty blue Sprite did OK last year ending up second in class, it was not handling as well as it should, so in between jobs the suspension got a make over.

Brands Hatch: First outing of 2014

So to Brands � managed to spin on exit from Graham Hill during qualifying and car was very twitchy. Softened rear dampers right off and it was better, but still nervous. Race one started with being T boned down the hill from Druids on the first lap. An unfortunate incident, but these things happen. No major damage so carried on and finished race.
Race two, got stuck behind car that tapped us in R1, so took time to pass, by which time although lapping a second a lap quicker, was too far back to get anywhere but a finish.

Almost 3 wheels

Castle Combe: 2nd race

Castle Combe proved to be interesting and thanks to the observations of Magic Midget man Kim Dear, the issue with handling was identified. Anyone who has driven at Castle Combe will know how bumpy the circuit is. Well every time we got up to speed, whack � round and round we went again. The race started in the drizzle on a greasy track � so round and round we went on first sortie into Quarry. Car was really undriveable, so went touring nervously but finished.
Kim then observed - “You got any rear suspension on that car? You are on the bump stops after Camp......” The re-worked rear springs were inverting when fully loaded leaving the rear end running on the bump stops. No rear suspension â�� no wonder we kept spinning. It was the poor surface at Castle Combe that enabled the issue to be identified â�� so there is some good there.

Castle Combe: Testing

A rework on the rear springs and a test session at Castle Combe suggested the handling was now vastly improved. A tweek to the front after qualifying at Donington and Richard proved the car was now competitive.
Excellent news as Richard was due to take Bennie out at Donington in a couple of weeks time.

Donington Park: Richard's takeover

This is one of Richard's favourite circuits and he managed to persuade John to let him have the drive here this year.
Well this turned out to be a great day out for both the car and driver. Richard and Neil Cameron turned out to be the pick of their class providing a truly competitive and entertaing race for all the impartial spectators. During the race both broke the Class D lap record on multiple occasions. But honours were shared in the end with Neil having pipped Richard to the lap record on his fastest lap, but then overcooking it under pressure for Richard to take the class win.

Oulton Park: John's Recovery

Last race this year was at Oulton Park &emdash; John had never driven there before, so it was a daunting experience. It is a great circuit with some very technical features and a nearly 3 miles around, so you are not going to learn it in a few laps of qualifying. None the less, the race went well and as John settled into the circuit really enjoyed it. Managed a 2.11 which was a very good time for a first attempt there &emdash; although slightly disappointed at not breaking the 2.10 target he set himself. Still an OK day at the office and very enjoyable.

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