MGCC Luffield Speed Championship

MGCC Luffield Speed Championship Season Roundup 2015

The ex-Mamba Motorsport midget was campaigned by Steve Collier this year.

Sprinting and Hillclimbing was a new challenge for him, after a 20 year lay off from any form of Motorsport and a 3 year Midget restoration which wasn't coming to an end anytime soon.

Having decided to search for a completed car, 'Gertie', Richard's old Class B Midget Challenge car seemed the perfect fit, the engine was perhaps a little peaky for the hills but it was decided to drive around that problem and take advantage of the engine's top end power.

But 'Gertie' turned out to be a dream to drive, very forgiving and totally reliable for the whole season, a testament to Richard and John's preparation.

The season's success was guaranteed by the regular support of Barbara, without which it wouldn't have happened.

Support (Image courtesy of Frederick Peter Photography)

The only changes made were a new set of Avon's and the midseason additions of a LSD and front splitter which gave Gertie a noticeable improvement in traction and top speed , all in all brilliant!

MGCC Luffield Speed Championship.

2nd overall and 1st in class up to 1500cc racing specials.

MGCC Windmill and Lewis Cup Southern Championship.

1st overall and 1st in class up to 1500cc racing specials.

New Class Sprint Records:


Curborough (Image courtesy of Frederick Peter Photography)

New Class Hillclimb Record:


Harewood (Image courtesy of JCB Photography Harewood)